DPX EXPRESS was established in 2016. It is a cross-border service provider under the Intercontinental Investment Corporation that focuses on providing logistics services and
technology automation upgrade solutions for cross-border trade and e-commerce companies.

In the field of cross-border logistics, we will deeply cultivate the global trade logistics demand market, build an all-round capacity network of air, sea, railway, and road, integrate terminal delivery network resources and scientific and technological data methods to provide global trade and cross-border e-commerce enterprises with high-quality and reliable high-quality Quality logistics services.

With years of logistics experience and technology accumulation, DPX EXPESS can provide e-commerce and e-commerce logistics companies with integrated solutions and one-stop services for logistics automation and robotics.

DPX has created more than 100 successful international project experiences, each of which perfectly drives different economic benefits, such as China's first overseas warehouse service in Northeast Europe, China-Estonia logistics joint venture project, and overseas cooperation projects from China to Northeast Europe self-pickup counters. And so on, especially with more than 20 years of international charter business experience, connecting at least 13 routes between China and overseas all-cargo aircraft services, and having a team of international logistics experts to build our company to provide logistics automation and robots for e-commerce and e-commerce logistics companies. Solutions and provide one-stop service.

The unified concept of globalization has driven the explosive growth of the international logistics industry. With the continuous explosive increase in demand, resource sharing has taken a major position. DPX not only focuses on resource sharing and allocation, but also on the premise of sharing resources, improving service quality, coordinating and cooperating with each other to create a better future.