Logistics Technology

DPX provides reform and innovation for cross-border logistics, and combines high-tech solutions with modern logistics technology to realize the combination of innovation and reality in cross-border logistics and present a more perfect solution

DPX attaches great importance to every consultation and service, fully implements every project, and leads the development of the industry with technology. With years of logistics experience and accumulation of cooperation with technical parties, it has a long-term vision for the cross-border e-commerce logistics market.

DPX has a wealth of overseas network channels and leading logistics technology. With a more professional attitude, it provides customers with an end-to-end overall solution that integrates logistics system consulting and planning, software development, system integration, and core high-end equipment R&D and manufacturing. With the advancement of science and technology, we are constantly pursuing self-growth, striving for perfection, opening up various development channels in the market, and gaining continuous recognition from users.

Cross-border e-commerce system

Mainly to help cross-border e-commerce merchants, provide platform docking, order conversion, inventory management, financial management, a series of improvements to more efficient operation and management of stores

Logistics automation equipment

Provide logistics services, such as warehouse logistics equipment (such as robots, face orders, addresses, goods identification equipment) more quickly and efficiently out of the warehouse, and warehousing.

DPX Smart Locker

DPX Smart Locker have a simplified locker and a Bluetooth locker respectively. The Bluetooth Locker type is connected to the Locker through the Bluetooth port of the mobile phone, and the operation and maintenance are simple, and it is very popular in foreign markets.

The Simplified Locker type is the performance upgrade version of the express locker, which solves the business of express delivery and temporary storage of couriers and users through

Cross-border e-commerce logistics system

Including order system, warehousing system, promote logistics efficiency and improve customer satisfaction. Our company provides a team of experts in the logistics industry to build your company's logistics system to better handle various logistics processes.